Calm Water Fishing Charters

Are you worried about getting sea sick or that someone in your group will get sea sick? Lucky for us Key West is surrounded by shallow water flats. These shallow flats provide great protection from the waves in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. No matter which way the wind is blowing from, even if it is windy day , there are always places in the backcountry where the water is calm and the fish are biting.

Make sure you tell me you want the calm water / Backcountry trip if you want flat calm water! Calm water fishing in Key West.

Backcountry Fishing Charters

Backcountry fishing is done in channels, basins and near mangrove islands that are surrounded by the flats of the Florida Keys. The flats provide the protection from wind and waves. The backcountry hold lots of mangrove and lane snappers and also some muttons and yellowtail. These fish aren’t giant, so we fish them with light tackle. A lot of action and a great way to catch lunch or dinner. Most of the restaurants in Key West will cook your catch for a fee of course.

Kids love this trip

Picture of snappers caught in calm water in the backcountry of Key West.

If you are coming to Key West with children, this is the perfect trip. The seas are calm and the action is non stop. Fishing in the backcountry will keep them reeling up fish and is a good way to really get them interested in the sport. Some of the fish you may catch are several species of snapper, cero mackerel, jacks, trout, ladyfish, barracuda and several species of sharks. You can also catch tarpon and permit in some of the channels and in the harbor area during the spring and summer months.

If you look around, you will notice my rates are a little less than some other light tackle boats. One of the reasons is that I run a single four stroke engine boat that is good on fuel. This certainly helps keep the cost down. Another reason is most of the guides down here pay huge commissions for other people to book their boats, 20% to 30%…I do not pay anyone to book me. All of my business is repeat, referral, and the rest is from this website, which I built and I maintain. If you see a website listing more than one guide. There is a really good chance that you are just looking at a bookies website. Most likely, these guys do not fish here or guide here, they just want their 20% to 30% commission to book the trip! If you book through a booking booth or a hotel concierge, they are most likely taking commission as well and have no idea what the fishing or the guide is really like. I know most of them don’t even fish. Pretty messed up!!! Do yourself and the charter boats a favor and book directly with the boat. Call me to set up a trip. I will make sure you get a good trip!

If I am already booked and I put you with another guide, their rates may be a little higher than mine…Larger boats, twin engines, rates increase.